The website was down for 3 weeks do to my last ISP shutting it off for missing one moth payment. They would not wait till payday. Back up now, but undergoing updates to new code. Be patient... Seems my last ISP got all bitchy about having to refund over $200 for 2 years of overcharging me for equipment that was not here to begin with. But ya missed august payment and the shut me off on august 9th 2017. I said enough of this and went an got a new isp with a dedicated line. Its nice to see MAC addresses again. Well it went back online last week, it's october now.


as for the website. I am upgrading to new code, it's much easier to use a phone or tablet with this new code. The old code was small print and had to zoom for everything. Kind of a pain, mostly only good for the phone apps (limited) and big computer screens. Oh well fixed now, trying to get all the old data from users to groups into the new code. The databases are different so just could not import them easily. I have to manually import them. If you want access to the old website it's still there. just type in HTTP://ROARING.BIZ/OLD AND THE OLD WEBSITE WILL APPEAR. It will be taken offline once all the data from the old website is imported to the new website. so be patient. this does not stop you from joining the new site and looking around. cheerz! *ADMIN*

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