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This second music recordings were done on June 29th 2018. It was done in less then two hours and sounds pretty damn good on the 120watt 7.1 AVR system in the arcade room. Good for a collectors Item. THIS SONG WAS DONE JUNE 29TH 2018 LATE AT NIGHT. ON THE PHONE WITH EMM AND SHE TOLD ME TO RECORD A SONG. I WAS ON 8 BEER AND BY THE TIME I WAS DONE I WAS AT 13 BEER. I BOUGHT THREE SIX PACKS CAUSE I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE COMPANY AND NO ONE SHOWED UP. SO NEEDLESS TO SAY. I STARTED OFF WITH ONE …
23.08.2018 From *MAX*
This is my very first official demo of my music. I hope you like it. These songs can be heard on the website, I have closed off downloads to them. you might still be able to download then off the website somehow, but they probably won't be as good of quality as buying this demo mp3 collection. The money made from sales of this demo will be saved and going toward a real studio recordings done by professional engineers that know what they are doing with sound. so please consider purcha…
27.04.2018 From *MAX*