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12 days ago
max wrote
still waiting on anton to import the old database into the new one. since then i have upgraded the server. got d742 installed and imported hard data. when he has the time to finish the mysql database import the website should be up. been waiting for a while now. slow progress. it cost almost $200 and comes out of my dis check. but it will be done. i know antons work is really good. he wanted to write a program for the new updates. i just told him to get the main data imported to the new database.... see more hopefully soon. they are extremely busy over there at boo.....
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14 days ago
max wrote
Still waiting on upgrades. bear with us. someday i will have a few computers so the website is not down during revisions. but for now. one computer has to be done on one computer. takes time and is always down during big upgrades such as this. it wont look any different but it will have new security to catch hackers and report them to the proper authorities for prosecution
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16 days ago
max wrote
Currently having someone do updates to the website. bear with us
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