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10 Terrifying 21st Century Novels  
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10 of the Best Sci-Fi Books of Summer 2023    
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getting a good toke: well first thing on pot pens. press the power button and hold it down on the pen. hold the pen to your ear. and listen to the vape for oil popping and air hissing. when you hear a clear passage of air hiss then toke. all while holding
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I am going to start back to busking very soon. after A 5-6 YEAR RELATIONSHIP that only kept me away from my music and my dreams.She will have to accept me as a fun guy that can sing and play guitar very well. most entertaining. I think in 2-3 days the fir
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There are protests over covid injections at polson park front entrance by the fountain highway intersection. They are starting to get more and more people. I imagine the government will be angry about them. None the less, if you have nothing to do on Satur
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As of Oct 24 2021 I have found a website called LANDR which masters music cds and distributes them to the public. LANDR also sells your music to the public where you can collect royalties. Today. I am going to the pawn shop to pawn my PS4 PRO for $100 and
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