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RoaRinG.BiZ MEMBERSHIP on RoaRinG.BiZ for only ONE DOLLAR!!!!!

In the very near future we are working on a payment module. It's to try and pay for the electricity, heating, rental, and other bills needed to keep RoaRinG.BiZ operational.


I am on disability right now so only clearing $1,200 a month. From that, I take the bills and rent out of it, then I am left with about $100 dollars for 4 to 5 week periods in between disability cheques. It's a really hard life but it's mine. I busk when I can to make money for things I require.Other then that, that is all I get for monthly money to runs RoaRinG.BiZ and survive.

RoaRinG.BiZ is my project website, a hobby that i eventual want to turn into a profitable business someday. For Now, I get over 100,000 visits a month. I put the membership charges at ONE DOLLAR (and up)  NOT TO BE GREEDY, BUT TO DO THERE MAJOR THINGS THAT PEOPLE WANT ON WEBSITES. ESPECIALLY on RoaRinG.BiZ!!



It verifies the person making the account as they have to use PayPal (or other payment system) to pay for their account from a valid bank or credit card. This stops fake accounts and spammers. So less work for me, constantly weeding out fake accounts and fraud disputes on fake accounts meaning to cause malicious damages to the website. Later we might ask for photo ID if this method does not work 100% efficiently. But for now this proof of user using membership should work efficiently. Proof of ownership.  This membership payment will also help in getting rid of robots, crawlers, malicious users that hammer RoaRinG.BiZ to cause  RoaRinG.BiZ and it's members unwanted damages and grief. If you find one that is verified member causing problems. use the report button and it will be manually taken care of. First a warning and offending material deleted, If that offending member does not comply a permanent mac address/ ip address spammer ban from RoaRinG.BiZ!! We want a safe and trustable website and that is one of the goals of RoaRinG.BiZ. The other is to make a Promotions and Sales Network to help people display their works and sell their works the easiest way possible. Also serving as a social network to keep in contact with other members including the people you may be buying off of or asking question from. It is best to keep unwanted fake accounts out of the RoaRinG.BiZ system so members can be rest assured that they are talking to verified people on the social network.




PayPal handles all payments. It is a verified financial institute and handles all sales from (will be adding more financial institutes like bitcoin and other which offer the same #2 reason for adding a pay for membership on RoaRinG.BiZ  Disputes are also handled by PayPal. So all aspects from successful purchases to disputed ones are handled by PayPal (others later). This protection is on every members account on as all sales and purchases are don't from RoaRinG.BiZ to PayPal then back to RoaRinG.BiZ again. I am currently working this out so it works 100%. All disputes and sales are handled efficiently. Members can withdraw anywhere in the world where PayPal if offered. You simply dump you PayPal profits to your bank account no matter where it is in the world.



No one want to spend $10 or more for a monthly account, i KNOW i DON'T. My Best guess is that I get over 100,000 visits a month. If only 1% of them buy monthly access for a DOLLAR. I will have a bit of money to run operations and make modification, just like a low paying job. It's very affordable, Verified payment system and very trustworthy.The RoaRinG.BiZ website has the root code of famous websites like facebook, youtube, twitter, and others similar with modular code that improves the existing website.So if TRUST is you issue for not spending ONE DOLLAR on joining RoaRinG.BiZ then that is a paranoid part of your self NOT THE FAULT of RoaRinG.BiZ. We made sure everything is up to par and 100% protected and legal. If you have that paranoid issue go search the internet to see how trustworthy the payment and refund systems are. You will find them 100% trustable financial institutions so you should never say RoaRinG.BiZ is a scam website. That just offends me and is slanderous which they might get sued for someday for destroying my website. So if you are curious of what other things has to offer. do you homework and you will find RoaRinG.BiZ is verified and trustable. Do not believe in rumours started to make RoaRinG.BiZ crippled by jealous and slanderous individuals trying to hurt  RoaRinG.BiZ's reputation and operation. I seek to be 100% legal and ethical operations as is required by law.



Once a member you have unlimited posting ability. To post your products as demo clips, and/or adding them to the RoaRinG.BiZ store.

In the store, you upload your product once fill out needed data. Then make a few charges to a PayPal account so all money from sales goes into your PayPal account and on successful purchase goes back to the sales page where the paid member can download your works from the store. There is a payments sales module in you members account so you can keep track of all sales and purchases made. It's pretty easy to use. And will help you remember or change a sale if they demand refunds, or someone reverses the PayPal charges. you simply remove they purchase or sold information from your payment records and they no longer have download access to products that have not been payed for from a PayPal dispute. To get paid, all sales go to PayPal, from there you can dump money from PayPal to your bank account (it's 100% verified and trustworthy on internet reputation that you can look up on the internet) where you can simply dump your profit to you bank account. From anywhere in the world. Once it is in your bank account, you can withdraw it from your bank account or spend it with a bank card just as if someone gave you cash in real life. As a matter of fact, it is real money and you can deposit it into any bank if the world (according to the laws of PayPal) and withdraw if from those banks once it has been dumped into you bank account from PayPal. This is how you get paid from all sales on RoaRinG.BiZ



It also allows you to interact with other people as a social network from messenger chat (like facebook but better) chat rooms (up to 50 high definition webcams with sound and video running per room. Also allows RoaRinG.BiZ emails so you can contact sellers and they can contact you. The more people you know on your friends list the more chances of better sales and referrals to your products. It is similar to facebook, (I say better) except it is not for socializing (well it can be) it is for promoting your products and creating contacts in order for you to have your qestions answered by the appropriate people about what it is they have to offer.  Or opening up a conference to all people in your friends list do you can webcam with audio them in a chatroom. Please respect people on this website when it comes to chatting. Spamming other websites and treating people poorly is not acceptable for RoaRinG.BiZ member conduct. it will usually always end up in a membership ban from RoaRinG.BiZ for a specific period of time, and if the member is a repeat offender a complete ban on that account. We have a starting age limit to make sure that only adults can get onto the website. You must agree to all the terms of use. Also pay for an account with a correct payment system. This will make it very hard for a minor to gain access to the RoaRinG.BiZ website. It is adult orientated not family orientated. Minors can use facebook, twitter, youtube if they want family orientated website, remember RoaRinG.BiZ is a promotion and sales network directed for adults, not minors that can not have a legal contract until they are adult age of making contracts. Global age of adulthood is 21. In British Columbia it is 19. We will stick to maximum. If a membership is illegal, meaning is a minor trying to gain access to RoaRinG.BiZ, that accou8nt will be permanently banned and reported to our records of illegal contracts. We do not need minors pedophiles scammers spammers all those type of people who ruin websites on RoaRinG.BiZ. So keep interactions and memberships legal please. Make them enjoyable experiences for all members.












work on this from here down.



Over all RoaRinG.BiZ has a hell of a lot to offer in the way of Promotion and Sales and inter communication.


So if you read this, the monthy fee for using all the social network, postings, store, etc is only $1.00 a month.

Join now if you want to test it out. All sales for $1.00 go through paypal. Which is a 100% trusting online financial institution.

If you have problems with any purchase from RoaRinG.BiZ you contact disputes on paypal and they handle all the work.

Which is nice, as they do all the work, dispute resolution, sales, etc. Leaving RoaRinG.BiZ more time and concentration to do other things, like coding new options that come in by user requests. So seriously consider it. $1.00 doesn't even buy you a chocolate bar in Canada. It's low, I could have charge $0.99 or 0.50 but those are too hard on the brain to caculate so settled for a round easy to use figure. A SINGLE DOLLAR BILL.



No account the store still works and money keeps coming in from sales. but the options, editing, and posting features are offline until you renew your account.

Renew account for only 1 DOLLAR. please support your local website technician. thanks. hope you enjoy the website.

For now. those non members can only enjoy the publically accessible stuff on RoaRinG.BiZ but can not post.


Love for you to become and ELITE MEMBER for only one DOLLAR. enjoy the website.



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