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NEW COPYRIGHT NOTICES should be implemented with credits

NEW COPYRIGHT NOTICES should be implemented with credits

This is all Philip John Jatzek's redesign of a copyright notice implementing current copyright notice legality and adding more so it is a fully functional copyright with creator specifics



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Just finished the new post of some of my work(s) mostly i do them on paper in multicoloured pens. I will store those for later and add to them if needed. complete with copyright date and confidential. I wish they would impose my new copyright string as legal. it tells more about the work(s) you are trying to protect. Here is an example

RoaRinG.BiZ-(c)By Philip John Jatzek 13:44.22/14/2022@V1T5W3 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

this is an appendature to the existing copyright notice. here it is in text

"<Title of Work>" (c)By <owner> (military hour:minutes).(day/month/year)@(postal code) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

with this new format you can see the exact time and date the work was finally completed on as well as where it was created by the postal code. no discrepancies. you know exactly when and where there work was done. good for people spying on you or trying to steal from you as you have the completion of work date and location.. Better then the copyright notices they have now.



IN MY NEW COPYRIGHT TAG. THE TIME AND DATE ARE EXACT AND OBVIOUS. THE POSTAL CODE IS NECESSARY. IT DEFINE LOCATION AND TIME ZONE OF WORK. Time is expressed in military time as to not confused people to AM or PM time signatures.

"New Copyright Notice" (c) By Philip John Jatzek 02:24.14-04-2022@V1T5W3 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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