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New Organization of RoaRinG.BiZ X EPs on a very bueatiful Day march 16 2022

some songs deleted. and some songs added to make the original 3 cds into only 2 cds. better bang for the price of buying a cd. Tried to make them as good as possible.


Well came home alone today. Was very depressed about a friend of mine blowing up on me for 2 days. Decided to work on the music cds.

Did a few things like killed the X - The Cut Songs Album. And put more songs in the CD2 X - BloodDrunk.

Once I was done I uploaded them to the RoaRinG.BiZ STORE with song lists. Raised the price to 20 dollars as that is what a pack of cigarettes or 6 beer cost where I currently live. I figure you could at least score my those things for a CD. And I'ts branded straight from RoaRinG.BiZ home of X.


So if you are feeling generous, or want to make a donation. Please feel free to pass several dollars my way so I can at least survive. It's expensive running RoaRinG.BiZ so people have access to my music and videos. But I do it every month faithfully paying bills to keep the website alive and my works displayed to the world. Member have so much more options. but it seems most people only browser the public posts on the main page.

It's fine by me at 2000 to 3000 visits a day is worth keeping the website up and running. Oh did i tell you. Since RoaRinG.BiZ was put online 2003 I have made no money except for one sale of a book of mine for $10. that's it. no profit so might as well be a non profit organization that relies on donations in the form of sales. seems reasonable. Hopefully some will buy things here and I can live a normal life. rather then being on disability. starving and busking every month (even in winter) just to get daily things I require like food to survive. please help support my efforts by buying something. Consider it a donation. All sales go through PayPal. And that is a pretty reliable payment system. It even handles disputes. I shouldn't complain. life could be much worse. At least I have a rented roof over my head and can sleep protected and run my services. I just complain, as everyone else is owning homes, driving cars, supporting their families financially and even going on vacations. That's a life I never got to live. work work work for nothing but products that just do not sell. They are my kids since i have no human or pet kids. My Works Are My Kids. Enjoy


The RoaRinG.BiZ Store can be accessed by the following link


Thank You if you donate by buying something here.

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