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New leader group for CORE TECHNOLOGIES

I wrote two books on core technology. with pen and paper.(hand drawings)  since then preparing third book with advanced notes. Since no one on earth could attempt these to prove it accurate fact or dilusionall mad man. i will write it for group menbers only. basis of star trek science fiction. both teleporter and most of all replicator (infinate resources). evolving to what i have developed on paper.... advanced medical procedures mixing both those related topics as well as a few of my own

might keep the group invite only at first and see what kind or reaction i get from friends, favorites qnd relatives. KEEP THE FAITH. CHEMISTRY PHYSICS COMPUTERS AND MATHEMATICS ELECTRONICS PROGRAMMING ARE ABOUT TO EVOLVE. At least be forever changed if this core technologies theories are factually working here 2here we 3xist now in this universe. Ch33rzzz HAVE A BEER AND DONT GET FAT OR PUKE STOMACH ACIDS.......

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