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Vernon, Canada
03.11.2020 (03.11.2020)
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THOUGHT.MIND.LIFE: hacking, theft, manipulation, control: LAWS?

 THOUGHT.MIND.LIFE: hacking, theft, manipulation, control: LAWS?

New human rights to protect against 'mind hacking' and brain data theft proposed

A response to advances in neurotechnology that can read or alter brain activity, new human rights would protect people from theft, abuse and hacking


more on the advancement of mind hacking, theft, control and other atrocities



Right now if they are evolving off computer programming skills and human emotions like love and hate. remember how it evolved. into networking and remote desktop. This era is a complete nightmare. setting people up is one thing, remote controlling them (like demonic possession) is another. There goes all our thoughts , work, memories, etc. and its so easy to make them say what you want instead of what is really the truth. Good thing I do not believe in this. and further more how is that motion controller. having driving problems lately?? accident. nuerotechnologies should be highly illegal with the highest punishments if caught.


how long has this gone on for?? believable?? check links.|85.0.5815.104&param4=17|GB|2.0.118|

 makes me question, are they breaking world treaty law?? highest punishment. you decide....



And when the earth spawns new forms of neuro technologies. These principles can be used to save or kill those responsible for neuro technologies. Neuro technologies are against world treaty law so kill those responsible using simple techniques you have learned here to get into their heads and deal damage. Death to those who use neurotechnogies to rule the world. It is time to kill them for it. Hail selfness

Based on the language of the target based on memories,  foresight and hindsight for loops, love & hate emotional (attract/repel) techniques, artificial memories. To build an array of programming skills usually used for ill gotten purposes. Since they exist in language and visual they can be picked up and monitored with the appropriate devices. Also thought hacking of peoples minds. Send them to psychic prison a psychic proof jail cell if caught. All the computer has in the way of remote and hacking can and is being implemented by those who have this technology. They should be punished. they try to rule the world with it. From head hacking to thought data theft of intellectual properties. They will be punished. /CF

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