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Use your personal playlists of all music on RoaRinG.BiZ

Every time you view a song you can add it to a personalized playlist if you like it. Playlists are quite long. And you can edit the order of the songs in the playlist or even delete some of them. when you have a playlist it is in you ACCOUNT part of the website. scroll down and you will see it. there you can select what playlist you want to listen to then play it/. you can even detach the playlist window so you can browse other website as you listen. I tried it. it's pretty good and the sound is really good. try it if you like. My CDs are on here. make a playlist.


much later on we are going to have share playlists between users. and a members playlist to view already existing playlists. This requires coding and I dont feel like starting it now. For now you can just make and listen to your own personal playlists made from the songs you listen to in sounds. playlists are good, they can play several hours. so make you party playlist now and enjoy. later may be making a video playlist.

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