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Vernon, Canada
28.08.2021 (28.08.2021)
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Working very hard on ROARING.BIZ and X MUSIC USB STICKS. took a lot of time today and will take more time all this week to get everything working.

The store and sales are my mail concern right now. i want thoe all up and running so i can and other people can make money without interruption or hassles.

another thing i am working on is a FAQ to use this website with. i hope to cover everything i need to cover so it is easier to use this website.

major additions to store, events, blogs, classifieds and a few other major areas have been going on for a week. more data. working on templates as well so

i can add color to this website. the site customizer isn't working but at the bottom of the page on all pages is a select template. that will change colors.

i am also working on themes for profile customizer and sharing it as a public theme so others can use it. there is still much more work to be done.

i got backlogged today. but most of what i was working on is working. once too tired to work on i switched to revamping the x music usb data.

compressed videos to get more data on it. so far. compendium, x - the x album, x - the second album and x - the cut songs.3 cds on one usb stick

for sale soon. for #10 a pop. makes me a little more money then busking. that about it. i have a very busy work week backing up before work. working and backing up for every fix. if i get an error i just delete the error code and restore from a back. that seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to code these days. less time on repairs.


wish me luck


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