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We just renewed sectigo ssl. here's what it does

The Sectigo SSL The Sectigo SSL certificate also protects your data with the same security as the Positive SSL. However, each Sectigo SSL comes with a $250,000 limited warranty against unauthorized transactions to give your visitors that extra measure of reassurance. The Sectigo SSL certificate is only $99.99 a year. Just go to our easy form to order your Sectigo SSL today. Please refer to Sectigo SSL Order Form for guidance.????


we could not afford the positve sectigo ssl that business verifies this website at $150 on welfare

maybe next year but if we ever get some money this year we will be putting this one on the website

What is an EV SSL?

The SSL is a technology that provides security and establishes encrypted links between computer networks. One type of SSL is the Extended Validated (EV) SSL certificate, which provides powerful encryption and higher assurance of legitimacy to your websites.

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Why Choose an EV SSL?

An Extended Validation (or EV) SSL Certificate offers the same secure connection and strong encryption as other SSLs.

However, EV certificates are designed to provide a higher standard of assurance for visitors by positively authenticating the business behind the domain. Using an EV SSL provides users with valid information to confirm that your website is legitimate. They would most likely have this impression that they can give you their full trust and confidence and do business with you. The ultimate goal is to get your website's online presence a strong sense of security.


HostGator is pleased to offer Sectigo's EV SSL.


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