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on androids google chrome is the best for this website

on androids google chrome is the best for this website


this website has 3 columns in some areas like the home page and the accounts page.

when you scroll through them the text is so small you can not read.

google chrome does the following

  • find an area of interest in the three column layout.
  • use your finger and tap 2 times on the area of interest. be careful not to hit a link
  • it will ZOOM up to full android screen display for the area of interest whether is news, articles,blogs videos sounds anything listed on the three column layout screens
  • view the area of interest on full screen. you can still scroll through it like you would any browser in ZOOM mode.
  • once done use your finger to double click the screen and the area of interest will UNZOOM back to the small 3 column layout


there may be other google chrome tricks to the RoaRinG.BiZ website. like circle tabs they once had for switching screens. that made it easy to navigate and keep multiple instant messages running. once the screens change they circles would flash. you just press the circle on the bottom of the screen and it would go to that window. whether its music on one, instant messages on the other, browsing blogs on another and emails on another. not sure how many page circles you could have with that bottom of chrome screen page circles that go to other screens (or whatever they are called).  it was convenient the circles flashed on all instant messages and all you had to do was press the flashing circle. I think they have switched to website TABS now. a completely separate screen.


if you find any google chrome tricks for please post a comment on this blog so others can read it and use it. The other browsers such as firefox, opera

netscape and others may or may not have the ZOOM / UNZOOM functions of chrome. but chrome did one hell of a good idea and seems to work quit well with the website


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