Public Released of band - X ==============================   CD1 - X - X (12 songs) https://artists.landr.com/692531223265   CD 2 - X - BloodDrunk (12 songs) https://artists.landr.com/692531428738   Videos - X - Music Videos (19 videos) https://w
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X - MUSIC PLAYS AND SALES FOR DEC TO MID JAN 2022   CLICK THE LINK TO FORUMS. IT'S EASIER TO POST MANY PICTURES IN THE FORUM EDITOR. NOT BLOGS   https://www.roaring.biz/forum/topic/X-band-stats-on-spotify-January.htm  
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using landr. not only did I get then name of the band registered. I got the releases out by Halloween 2021. it is no distributed by landr on all internet music venues and music stores. I have also release four singles. which all should be propagated someti
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