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I am going to start back to busking very soon. after A 5-6 YEAR RELATIONSHIP that only kept me away from my music and my dreams.She will have to accept me as a fun guy that can sing and play guitar very well. most entertaining. I think in 2-3 days the fir
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As of Oct 24 2021 I have found a website called LANDR which masters music cds and distributes them to the public. LANDR also sells your music to the public where you can collect royalties. Today. I am going to the pawn shop to pawn my PS4 PRO for $100 and
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14 jokes that only smart people will really appreciate https://www.msn.com/en-au/lifestyle/smart-living/14-jokes-that-only-smart-people-will-really-appreciate/ar-AAsH4BW?li=AA578i&ocid=spartandhp  
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YESTERDAY : I made 30 USB sticks with my music on it (9 songs). The same thing you can buy FROM THE STORE on this website. Just these are USB sticks. I Lowered the website store download of the CD to $5.00. Instead of $10.00 ! I gave 1 each to the local r
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