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READING POSTS The correct way to read them

On all forum posts and Blogs posts and all posts that have replies and comments on. Remember to use the drop down menu on top of the posts.



Order By:


NEWEST FIRST - the best way to see the newest posts first if you have already read all of them in chronological order (like a book reading)

                            this will show the newest posts in the list first. for those who have already read them. it's easier to not have to weed through all

                            old posts in-order to keep up to date with the new posts.


OLDEST FIRST - The correct way to read the posts. from start to finish in chronological order. Like reading a book from front page to last page.

                             this is the best way for new people to a group, forum, blog to read the entire story posted. with all replies in chronological order.


EXPAND ALL (CHECKBOX) - shows all comments and other posts usually hidden by the main posts and replies. as in replies to replies or comments to comments.

                                              this is very good when reading. I always leave it on so i can see all postings and not have to manually click options to read them.