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What You Need To Crack Software On Microsoft

I will be writing more later. Just a little list of cracking tools i have on my windows tablet. They are as follows....


Notepad - numbered lines. Basic Text Editor

PowerGrep - A very good grep program for searching matches of text data.

HDD Hex Editor Neo - for hex editing and saving to disk.

HDD Device monitoring Studio - A very good monitoring system from network to usb port.

Cheat Engine - A Game training program useful for finding variables

X64dbg - full end debugger has disassemble, modify, Reassemble. and has a freezer monitor similar to softice.

Visual Studio Code - Also has basics of x64dbg but you can code in high level languages making coding much faster.

winrar - And archiving and un-archiving program that covers many protocols making getting into archived data/code easier.


I also have a lot of useful reading links. mostly from bing as google is flogged with useless topic links. some are video lessons


You can download the basic tools from this posting. just click on "Basic cracking tool mar 2022" just under this post as attachment.