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18.03.2022 (18.03.2022)
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How To Block Public and membership types from Viewing and Playing

There is a content filter on all Video uploads. First you upload the video, then fill out data on a form for that specific video. There you will see


1: leaving AVAILABLE FOR blank (NOT SELECTING MEMBERSHIP TYPE) will hide your video from non members/public viewing. Even if they go to video home page. all [AVAILABLE FOR= unmarked] videos show up as a pic of MEMBERS ONLY and will not allow them in public non account to play the video. That video is completely invisible to the home page lists (does not even show up as being there on homepage). On video home pages it shows up as being there but the video picture has [MEMBERS ONLY] and you can not play the video at all. Only when you sign in as a member (and available only set for a membership account matches) can you play the video and read the video content. Example of AVAILABLE ONLY selector options... in #2.


The video uploaded will only show up for those with membership access that you specify have access in the AVAIALBE ONLY highlighted selected memberships. Example. i only select MODERATOR on the AVAILABLE ONLY selection list. Now the video is set that only people with MODERATOR accounts can view and play the video.
Everyone else can no view or play the protected video for MODERATORS only. You can select multiple memberships that those with those memberships can view. Press and hold down [LEFT SHIFT KEY] use mouse to make selections from the AVAILABLE ONLY selection list. keep holding down [LEFT SHIFT] and highlighting selections with the mouse. You can select a varied membership list, a complete membership list, or non membership list.

Do not know id AVAILABLE ONLY means if its highlighted you can view it, or if it's highlighted you are blocked from vewing..

3:NickNames Filter will allow you to block people using users member name on RoaRinG.BiZ so they can not see the video at all. and members name on roaring.biz can be blocked from viewing the video. if they are on this list they can not vei or play the video. good for if you want only certain people to be blocked from your videos.
enter name of member. then a comma then another name of member. Member names are seperated by commas.

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