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If at anytime RoaRinG.BiZ gets slowed down from too many users (we are not a super computer system yet) and you want to listen to the X music cds or watch X music videos you can go to other music venues to listen and watch. Right now a website is promoting X on all music venues it should be easy to find with my real name appended to it. just search for "X philip john jatzek" and it should pull up something in the search results. From spotify and amazon to deezer tidal and youtube. It's on there if you can find it. but for now. some useful links to X releases
THERE HAVE BEEN ADDITIONS TO THE ROARING.BIZ "TERMS OF USE" AGREEMENTS. These apply to all non members as well as members. They are as follows:
Love for you to become and ELITE MEMBER for only one DOLLAR. enjoy the website. Full access to all the hidden features of and unlimited posting to everything. Read on if you are interested in becoming and ELITE MEMBER for only ONE DOLLAR.
MEMBERSHIP TO ROARING.BIZ has way more things to offer. Like Chat, Messenger, Groups, Photos, Posting, All Sorts of nice and usable things once you join it.