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ELITE MEMBERSHIPs on RoaRinG.BiZ for only a $1.00 a Month

In the very near future we are working on a module. It's to try and pay for the electricity, heating and other bills needed to keep operational.

I am on disability right now so only clearing 1,200 a month. From that I take the bills and rent out of it and am left with about 100 dollars for 4 to 5 week periods inbetween disability checks. It's a really hard life. I busk when I can to make money for things I require. But other then that that is all I get for monthly money.


So new idea. No one want to spend $10 or more for a monthly account. I know I hate Spotify and Netflix is like money gouging every month.

The RoaRinG.BiZ website is the root code of famous websites like facebook, youtube, twitter, and others. The only difference is that it is the full package, not just part of it.


we are going to start charging $1.00 per month for ELITE MEMBERSHIPs.

This does two things, Get rid of robots that hammer the join page and also helps with the operational costs of running

Once a member you have unlimited posting ability. To post your products for demo clips to adding them to the RoaRinG.BiZ store.

In the store, you upload your product once fill out needed data. Then make a few charges to a paypal account so all money from sales goes into your paypal account where you can simply dump your profit to you bank account. From anywhere in the world.


ELITE MEMBERSHIPS also allow you unlimited posts to Classifieds, Events, Videos, Music, Artwork, Software File and more.

It also allows you to interact with other people as a social network from messenger chat (like facebook but better) chat rooms (up to 50 hi definition webcams with sound and video running per room. Also allows RoaRinG.BiZ emails so you can contact sellers and they can contact you.


Over all RoaRinG.BiZ has a hell of a lot to offer in the way of Promotion and Sales and inter communication.


So if you read this, the monthy fee for using all the social network, postings, store, etc is only $1.00 a month.

Join now if you want to test it out. All sales for $1.00 go through paypal. Which is a 100% trusting online financial institution.

If you have problems with any purchase from RoaRinG.BiZ you contact disputes on paypal and they handle all the work.

Which is nice, as they do all the work, dispute resolution, sales, etc. Leaving RoaRinG.BiZ more time and concentration to do other things, like coding new options that come in by user requests. So seriously consider it. $1.00 doesn't even buy you a chocolate bar in Canada. It's low, I could have charge $0.99 or 0.50 but those are too hard on the brain to caculate so settled for a round easy to use figure. A SINGLE DOLLAR BILL.



No account the store still works and money keeps coming in from sales. but the options, editing, and posting features are offline until you renew your account.

Renew account for only 1 DOLLAR. please support your local website technician. thanks. hope you enjoy the website.

For now. those non members can only enjoy the publically accessible stuff on RoaRinG.BiZ but can not post.


Love for you to become and ELITE MEMBER for only one DOLLAR. enjoy the website.



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