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Stay Happy - X.BloodDrunk
This is my very first official demo of my music (sort of remixed). I hope you like it. These songs can be heard on the website, I have closed off downloads to them. you might still be able to download then off the website somehow, but they probably won't be as good of quality as buying this demo mp3 collection. The money made from sales of this demo will be saved and going toward a real studio recordings done by professional engineers that know what they are doing with sound. so please consider purchase of this demo as a donation towards getting my music (and my new music) properly recorded. I thank you now if you do and will upload the finished professionally recorded music as soon as they are paid for and done. The songs on this demo are as follows: Oh and I did manage to make a small mini studio. Just have to read 3 thick books to learn how to use it properly. mostly behringer equipment.


once again, i thanks you if you donate and this demo will be a collectors item someday,

if i ever get famous from my music. you can say you got it here first.


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