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A Good Way To learn Cracking

A good way to learn cracking is from search engine for game training. game training allows you to play god in video games.

Unlimited lives, invincibility, maximum gold and weapons, etc. For those just starting out get a game trainer software and start using it with help files on or off the internet. you do not need to know how they function as it is quite obvious when you use one. not to say you can not train a bank or cash institute for maximum funds given what you learning in game training. Most game trainers work on debug registers and interrupt routine. like press a button to freeze all running software and jump into the game trainer program. I will post links here for you to study.


game trainers


using game trainer to train a game


using cheat engine


How to make a trainer with Cheat Engine


how to write patch files


that's all for now.






how to program your own code. make you own tools. do not rely on anyone else. keep you personal treasure trove only to your self as you go off to work....

assemblers.all machines disassemblers.all machines

are pertinent to their hardware and machine language code is different in between machines.

using an emulator solves this problem. but speed wise? it bogs you down

running things like that is how java works

java is a set of machine coded calls to bios and os programmer libraries.

debuggers and freeze monitors (old tsrs people will know what i am talking about)

terminate stay resident code. freezer debuggers (when i did it were mostly hardware)

press a button everything on the computer stops running and you work the debug routines.

they are a mini assembler/disassembler and modifier all in one

still machine specific. in java it takes the bios code or os code routines and makes 10 different machines with API = allperson programmers interface

so all you do it store ddls on windows and android and probably most other machine.


These tools work in conjunction of the post here.

x64debug is a great one

so was sotfice with their descriptive add ons.