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For Sale: GPS trackers for sale $40 for $40.00 $29.00  per year
Why? to track lost object or even people
I have a lot of gps trackers for sale. they are gps and if you plant a gsp on your bicycle or dog or someone car etc you can track them anywhere in the world using an android app. it's handy if someone steal your bike pull out the android tracker program for these devices and track them to their lo…
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09.08.2022 · From X
For Sale: 2 afk racing chairs for $300.00 $260.00  per week
Why? For the love of games
they are in good condition. selling them as i no longer play video games. too much work. these are for ps3 but an adapter can bring them into ps4 world. racing chairs come complete with wheel controllers. they are in ok condition. a few stitches needed. but well worth the price. they were over 500 f…
Categories: Electronics
22.04.2022 · From X