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Well if there are any REAL VAMPIRES in the world. I would not be on here to begin with.

This group is to try and make vampires or at least earths definition of immortality and advanced powers of movement etc.

The rich people growing in age would probably be hunting them down for....


1:medical, genetic, and other experiments


2:trying to get the Hollywood definition of vampires


3:every one trying to have sex with you. seems to be a fetish.


4:to obtain the holy grail of becoming a vampire.


and more reasons then just 4 of them. mostly likely if you were a vampire you would find them all equally unlikable. except the sex part.

REASON FOR THIS GROUP: to watch earth evolve in its sciences and post semi related posts that can be used with other posts to make vampires. well just the good attributes anyways. I have had enough of hear say and movies that tell HALF TRUTHS. example: sunlight kill vampires : where in reality it takes 3 hours at the dentist using purple light which is really disguised infra red to reseed a tooth to grow a new one. (without drinking blood) . so sunlight has regenerative factors in it as long as you do not burn.

example: drinking blood is good for vampires : where in reality most humans get sick off it. so if you think you are a vampire i would suggest you not drink blood and see if you are. as i said you will probably get quite ill. living longer is correcting the bodies genetics. meaning if your mom and dad genetically speaking mix in the womb to create you

you are probably going to

1:live longer with good genetics or

2:live shorter from bad genetics.

mixed genetics carry a 5 in 6 lethal gene that kills you. as well as creating all sorts of cancerous material as you grow older.  if there are real vampires you other made them here or in the future and took a UFO time machine back to an area in the past to assign certain people with tasks to do in the future (you time period here) like make the serum, get your UFO. fly back in time. me a English speaking society. find people you think are loyal. might have to spend some time back then to do it. or remember the golden rule. you will meat these vampires in your current future. you will talk. you will know names and places and dates. then fly back and try to convince them. giving them vampire skills and attributes from your serum. then fly away back to the future and continue your work. This buys you more time to work and makes those granted access to vampire serum see things a little differently. you already know in advance if they completed the tasks without prejudice rather then them getting a great big ego (ha ha you cant kill me complex) and try to rule the world with help from their vamperic skills. if you understand this concept alien UFOs are nothing more then flying earth made time machines run by the human race in that future and they can infect our past. we have taken note of UFO sightings etc. real easy. the outer panels are a multi array of frequencies. one for flight/propulsion, one for seeing/like a camera hooked to a sophisticated computer that hold an extensive database, and one navigation (like GPS or fine targeting or following external objects), one for speed (in the direction of of flight, simply turning that frequency on the panels higher amplitude), one for altitude (ascend, descend). one for shielding (and if you are amphibious change of shield frequencies) as many skills as your UFO time machine needs to fly on those multi frequency panels which are all hooked up to an interrupt chip cycling over and over again but under the computer control of its occupants. Most of this is being made as we speak and someday the future will be coming back with historians checking out our world wars at a safe vantage point. perhaps even effecting wars by their presence. at lass, so you build one. get access. so you build your super man serum so you go back in time and assign tasks to everyone on your list that helped you here. its the rid of you life. you dont know what comes after.

werewolves are probably beginner morphers (see akira, Japanese CARTOON 1980s for disaster morphing)they can change into a wolf apparently. much skill needed in mind and body to produce such a feat. and many year to master. but say this. if you could change shape of your body, you could be young forever. they had a law only to be human and change to wolves this could be the case not to turn into a wolf unless you need to, but always remain young and beautiful by changing your bodies human shape. its kinda like psychic body building. as long as you don't kill every part of your body in the process and it regenerated form. you should also be able to portray a very aged person simply by changing your human form. no laws broken. least traditional morpher laws. As time goes on you will learn to make other forms of morphing, of course after morphing laws change. just remember height limit to a set level. i dunno picture this. you get mad, and morph into a 35 foot reptile with great claws and big fangs to fight your opponent. great you win. now try changing back to semi normal. all the EXCESS material will appear as fat tissue and you will not look so good until you find a way to get rid of it. does morphing evolve. constructors and destructors are cellular level. may have an answer there. taken names from programming languages to tag words to cells that build and cell that unbuild. That morphing future remains unseen for now.


and vampires

more then likely beginner werewolves. they have the ability to do remarkable feats of physical speed agility and regeneration. almost instant. but they can not changing into a werewolf or a bat or anything of the such at first. given time patience and dedication to knowing about morphing and experimenting on doing morphing they grow. not old as vampire are long living but in skills and knowledge. they will eventually follow the paths of werewolves eventually and go onto their on morphing skills. as a team or alone it is only inevitable. thus the serum and the UFO some may already have learned these skills and more. .


in the progress of time learn to change shape. slowly at first. maybe just body building or holding your face a certain way. takes us 6 months of more to get a firm lock or build from exercise and shape holding. for them almost instant. But over the years you evolve and develop it further. its all on how the body changes (if its rapid enough, humans take at least 2-3 weeks to grow an organ with stem cells). you would have to speed up the process so it is instantaneous. but with speed-ed cellular activity come aging and wear and tear. Another hurdle you have to put into the serum you send back for them to find you and do the same thing to you. why can you not simply fly the UFO back to yourself.?? this is earth. there is a war and alien panic on it. they would probably should you down. this time period is probably off limits to UFO for that simple fact. war war 2 apparently was not. they didn't have the technologies of detection and dealing with invaders that they thought were aliens from outer space. Anyways I am surprised the made vampires in the past did not rise up and try to rule everyone. develop their quests and needs to the point they would rule earth. which you already know in advance. if that day comes after all the planning (i think different) and you are turned into  vampire. it may be by the pasts rules. meaning the vampires you turned in the past to perform tasks. provided those serums still exist. but you would know that as well... and time evolves so slowly too. it starts here for me. how to make vampires.




Ahh like always someone will probably steal this information and go back and make themselves vampires. supermen or whatever with future serum. Just remember they still have to do the work, and have access to all the parts in the idea. if you think like me, you will probably need lots of money to obtain this. or put out info that they will build so parts are ready when needed to construct the end unit. they might steal the UFO modify human serum for thier own gains, but give credit where credit is due. I think differently. and all posts on here are links to website documents with full credit to the authors original works. Their website, their documents, their names. everything. full credit.


NOTE ON BAD LINKS OR REMOVED LINKS: this happens for the following reasons

1:if the document is a fake or flawed it is usually always removed.

if the website is still there and the document is not. then

2: it works and they do not want anyone else to know about it so it is removed from public for private workings on it. mostly to make money. or keep it for themselves.

3:the government sees the document as a security leak or dangerous to the public then it is removed by them. flooded off the search engines and website shut down.

4:the author could not afford charges to keep their post on the website. or even keep the website owner could not afford to run website.



no one copy: for our eyes only.


vAMPIRE wARRIORS (c) By Philip John Jatzek 4:33.14-04-2003@V1T5W3 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

All member posts are copyright by the person that posts them on the date of the post.


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    Ahhh someone will probably steal the idea off my website and go do it for themselves. but you still have to build the technologies or have access to them. From me the creative scientist. best of all worlds sorry if i babble on too much about things you don't know what i am saying. too much homework. Good Luck people. the race has just begun!!!

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