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ROARING.BIZ HAS BEEN MODIFIED FOR PHONES. NOW 2 COLUMNS OF SMALL TEXT easily scrolled through and specific areas of information you want to read. A simple DOUBLE-TAP zooms you, tap column twice for reading, then twice again to shrink the screen back to normal mode. This has been tested only with google chrome and a Samsung phone.
ROARING.BIZ is going to try and find funding! I have to read all the new web ware manuals and the server programs are almost bought. The ones I need to do, is hire some one to install the things I want done to the website and purchase the network sniffer. and Virus scanners. keep it running 100%, like capsa network sniffer is the tops at finding criminals attacking ROARING.BIZ. also need a lot of advertisements. hopefully I can think of something that works. and another things HYPER-V and computers to cluster everything to top speed. wish me luck. next year there is some contests. I will submit to them