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Vernon, BC, Canada is a kind of laid back type of town... 2 lakes (1 green (one of two green lakes in the world like that). A ski hill (very close to downtown (Silver Star)), lots of back roads for 4x4ing and a few smaller lakes for fishing trout (etc) and lots of mountains for hiking and hunting! This seems to be a sports recreation and Artist town. The people are very nice and friendly here. Good place to move if you are hunting for a new house with lots of things to do.,+BC&coordinatesFor=Vernon,+BC&mode=Box&province=BC&cityName=Vernon&zoom=12&south=50.178203158762955&west=-119.47741317749022&north=50.358152038056275&east=-119.05718612670897&mainlist.listingPageSize=20&listingtab.index=1

you can look around with google or something yourself. about the only thing that made Vancouver real estate investors was the agriculture land and the government holds on them.. so zoom into the area and check it out yourself. it's a small town.  check out the real estate link and see for yourself. after you have viewed the area. The ski hill is currently Silver Star. and there is a private jet airport here as well.. everything is like 15-20 minutes. silver star is close to town.. a lot closer then Kelowna is to big white.

I kinda like it here. I am near the downtown core. There are a lot of party people and quite a few homeless people.

Downtown is mostly bars, and venues. Be extra careful at night. I fit in with my leather jacket, and most people know me from busking (guitar and singing for money) At least Vernon helps the homeless by feeding them and giving them places to sleep. You might not want to be near the downtown core , unless you can handle that sort of action. There are better locations with better houses such as Silver Star, The BX Area and middleton Mountain. These are higher priced areas. As for me, this house was $270,000 five years ago, and has shot up to $420,000 in about five years. I doubt house prices will go up much higher. Unless there is an event, such as 1:The westcoast sinking into the ocean, 2:a war where everyone is leaving the places of attack, or 3:disneyland want to build on the old military base. There is a lot of construction going on right now. Just be fore warned. There is a very VERY high multi-family water/garbage TAX. in a condo, its like $200+ every 3 months, and for a triplex $350+ every three months. Doesn't seem to be a way around this. for now. depends on investors and government decisions. anyways enough talk. go look around. Kelowna is upbeat, but they are running out of places to build. Vernon is more of an ART town.

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